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When you retain a law firm you expect legal competency, but you also expect the intangibles. You want to connect with your attorney. You want her to return your calls, keep you posted, follow through, and achieve good results. You are entitled to these courtesies and the Newton divorce attorneys at Grossman & Associates strive to provide them.

Problem solving is our goal. We listen, ask questions and begin the process of framing the issues, reviewing the law and developing a strategy to transfer your worries to us. Whether your most important concern is custody, child support, alimony, property division, valuation of assets or anything else, we focus on what you need.

Hindell Straus Grossman is the Firm’s owner and manager. Admitted to all courts in Massachusetts, she has litigation experience in state and federal courts. Hindell has successfully negotiated, litigated and arbitrated for clients. Several of her successes have been published in Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly and she has been featured in the Needham Tab, Boston Business Journal and in the Boston Globe as a Newton family law attorney and for the unique Second Opinion Program.

We are creative deal makers, not deal breakers. However, every step of a negotiation must be calculated. Opposing moves should be anticipated and motives on both sides understood. Unless litigation affords a strategic advantage, conciliation and strategic pressure should first be considered as they are likely to produce faster and more economical results. We take strong positions on behalf of our clients and use the subtleties of the negotiation to persistently sell your position.

Collaborative Law is a process in which divorcing couples can settle disputes without having to go to court. Both sides enlist the help of a divorce attorney trained in Collaborative Law and an Interdisciplinary team to offer their individual expertise. The interdisciplinary team can include financial, child development, and mental health experts who use their skills to achieve the best outcome for the parties. Before the process begins, opposing parties as well as the interdisciplinary team, must sign a Collaborative Participation Agreement in which they commit to open and honest disclosure of information and act respectfully throughout the process. The Collaborative Attorney acts as an advisor to the client in scheduled 4-way face to face meetings with the opposing party and Collaborative Attorney. This is where most of the work is done. In the event that disputing parties cannot come to a resolution, the Collaborative Attorney and the team are ineligible for further involvement on the case. The Collaborative Process can be used to resolve any kind of dispute.

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